Melbet Cricket Review – Betting Options

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Over the past decade, the sports betting market has started to grow dramatically. Because of this, new bookmakers began to appear. But in order to attract players, they are forced to offer more favorable conditions, higher odds, and interesting bonuses. The most successful of the relatively young bookmakers is Melbet. Today Melbet sportsbook has one of the most functional online betting resources.

On the main page of Melbet official website, all the most popular sports are presented, such as football, cricket, basketball, etc. The coupon is always at hand too. It is located on the right, and under it, and on the left, there are actual bonuses for an even more exciting game in the sports line and in the casino. Let’s take a look at what betting conditions Melbet offers to players and what bonuses betters can count on. Let’s see why Melbet cricket is one of the most popular betting disciplines.

Melbet Cricket Rules

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The game is a competition between two teams, each of which includes 11 people. The competition takes place on an oval grass field, where the participants take turns hitting the ball with a bat, trying to score the maximum number of points, and the opponents try to prevent them.

The main roles in the team are occupied by the bowler (a pitcher) and batsman (batter). The task of the latter is to send the ball as far away from the opponent as possible in order to have time to cross the field during this time. In terms of the style of play and rules, cricket is a bit like baseball.

Different championships and cricket tournaments can differ significantly in terms of rules, the number of participants, and the format of the game. The Cricket World Cup Final is held every 4 years. Prior to that, play-off tournaments and quarters, half-finals are held. The leader in the championship in Australia, which took the Cup 5 times, then India, the national teams of Pakistan and Sri Lanka.

Melbet Cricket

Melbet Cricket Prediction

The main types of Melbet cricket predictions are as follows:

  • Winner of the toss – everything is simple here, and at the same time, only the Melbet better’s luck will play. There is a draw between the teams, which team will be the first to enter the field, that is, who will be the first to hit.
  • The winner – choosing the team that will prevail in the meeting. The statistics of previous personal fights, as well as the assessment of the main players of the rivals: bowlers and batsmen, and their comparison with each other, will help to correctly place a bet on this event.
  • MVP of the match – most often, this title goes to the team member who was most useful during the game. Here it is important to analyze the leaders of the represented clubs, their current form, and motivation. You can find all information on the Melbet website.
  • A better partnership – it is necessary to choose from the proposed options a group of participants (of 2 or 3 people), which will bring the most points to its team. This rate seems complicated only at first glance. In fact, in any team that plays cricket, there are well-developed bundles of players, and they earn points for the whole team. And also special bets, such as anyone will score more points or a race between players.
  • Total – a bet on the total number of points (runs) earned by opponents. Bookmakers also offer bets on individual totals for each team or on 6-point run-outs, the number of runs before the wicket is destroyed.
  • Best Bowler / Batsman – individual forecast for players, the winner is the one with the most points in the match. “Best Batsman” or “Best Bowler” by name in each team.
  • Handicap – the Melbet betting company offers the handicapper to bet the teams on the odds in two positions at once – by knocked down wickets and by wounds. At least such a bold prediction can be seen on Melbet.
  • Exact score and odd/even – such narrow bets are designed for gamblers who are confident in their instinct because it is extremely difficult for the average person to predict such an outcome.

Melbet Cricket Betting – Features

Cricket is not a betting sport for which the expression “beginners are lucky” is appropriate. The more knowledge a bettor has about him, the higher the probability of winning. Too complex rules put off most betting enthusiasts, but the most persistent, ready to delve into all the intricacies of cricket, will be able to make good money on exotic sports. The format of the competition has a significant impact on the forecasts. Each team gravitates towards its favorite type, which shows the best results.

Experienced Melbet gamblers prefer to bet Melbet live cricket. The game goes on for a long time and does not require lightning-fast decisions from bettors. There is an opportunity to think, look and make a forecast based on your personal impressions.

In cricket, as a rule, there are no pronounced underdogs, so the loss of the favorite of the match is, in principle, a sensation. Accordingly, the odds for the victory of a particular team do not differ much. The game is not popular with professional bettors, mostly loyal fans bet on their favorite teams in Melbet. This circumstance leads to good loadings of the lines and allows knowledgeable players to make considerable profits.

Melbet Cricket Betting Strategies

The best Melbet cricket forecasters have a real talent for finding high-value odds, mainly due to their unique betting strategy. There are several approaches to the analysis of a match, regardless of its format. Let’s highlight 5 main factors that need to be considered when choosing a cricket bet.

Draw results. In cricket, the turn of attack is determined by a simple toss of a coin. This procedure actually has a big impact on the outcome of the meeting. The team that attacks first in a test match often gains the advantage, as it makes the first attack on a fresh field with a new ball (in cricket, they do not change the balls, as in baseball, at the slightest sign of wear, doing this only after 80 overs).

For a batsman, for example, it is easier to hit the ball after bouncing off a flat, unworn section of the field. Therefore, the attacking first team has more opportunities for a starting dash and seizing the initiative in the game. This is one of the reasons why some professionals in cricket betting like to play live, waiting for the results of the starting draw and thereby excluding one of the uncontrollable factors.


Cricket is a fun sport that can be easily analyzed. Knowing the main points and features of the game will help patient betters to make a decent profit and always be in the black. If you are serious about making money on cricket, it makes sense to register with a reliable Melbet bookmaker. Melbet is licensed to provide betting services, so you will find a rich list there, adequate odds, and regularly laid outlines for any tournaments. But the main thing is a guarantee of your deposits, fairness of decisions, and trouble-free withdrawals of winnings from your account.